Next Fanfiction coming soon

I'm already working on my next story and I'm hoping that more people will read them.

On a different note, I finally got to see Justin's new vid and I must said, its great, just like all his other vids, I'm hoping that it'll be number one on TRL very soon.
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Poll #829121 Which slash theme do you want?

Which slash theme do you want?

PuppyNick and Justin
Group Fun
Puppy innocent Nick and Dominate pervert Kevin
Puppy innocent Justin and Dominate pervert JC
Foursome with DPKevin, DPJC, PuppyNick and PuppyJustin

Check out my Journal

I need those who read slash fanfiction to come check out journal and vote for what they would want to see me write, it would really help and I want some comments too, please.

Peace n' Love.