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The Wonderful World of story telling

Slashy was its name O

23 September 1988
If you were to ask my friends they would agree with me, when I say that I am a huge smart-ass. I'm very sarcastic, and will laugh at a persin if they fall, slip, run in to, or bump into something. I like horror, anime, action and comdies. I will never like romance movies, it does not matter whose in it. oh and I'm a huge NSYNC and Justin Timberlake fan. And I write fanfiction, slash or non-slash. I do not like fake people, if you are a two face kind of a person then we won't be continuing any kind of friendship. Those kind of people only get others in trouble and that's something I do not want to get apart of. One word I hate. Gossip. Yes, I know I'm a girl therefore I should like to, but I don't. girls talking about girls is immature and junior high, why girls do it, is beyond me but I wish that it would stop, because all it does it pit us against each when we should really be at each other side. Smoking and Drinking IS NOT RIGHT!!! I don't see the attraction of wanting to get drunk of your ass and puke your guys out, I'm sorry I just don't get it. Japanimation is the greatest thing to me because i grew up watching show like samuri pizza cats, salior moon, and dragon ball z. VEVA LA ANIMATION!